Personal Interview for MBA Admissions

The most significant component of the MBA admissions process at IIMs and all other top B-schools is the personal interview round, which is given even more weight than your performance on the CAT or other MBA entrance exams. The admission panel looks at everything during this stage, including your body language and communication abilities, which helps them get to know you better. Most of the top Questions asked in the personal interview phase of MBA admissions are very similar. But, over time, based on your academic standing, interests, family background, and type of work experience, the MBA Personal Interview Questions start to go in different directions.

Here are the most common interview questions asked by MBA aspirants

  • Tell me something about yourself.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Why do you want to pursue an MBA?
  • What motivates you to pursue a graduate business degree?
  • Discuss your achievements as leader.
  • What kind of books do you read? What was the last book you read?
  • Why and which field of specialisation do you want to pursue in your MBA?
  • What are your hobbies and interests?
  • What are your short-term/long-term goals?
  • What is the most important decision you have made in life?
  • Tell me about your home-state/hometown.
  •  Why should we take you in?
  • How would an MBA help you advance in your career?
  • Where do you see yourself in next five years
  • Who is your role model?
  • What is your definition of leadership?
  • What five attributes do you believe are essential for a successful company leader?
  • Which recent global event has altered your perception of leadership? How?
  • Talk about three current developments in your field.
  • What does Criticism mean to you? How do you deal with it
  • How do you define success and how do you measure up to your own definition?
  • Can you work under pressure?
  • What suggestions have you made in your previous job that was implemented?
  • Would you rather work for money or job satisfaction?
  • What specific abilities would you like to hone to achieve your post-MBA objectives?
  • What would you do if you failed in obtaining your chosen goal after your MBA?
  • What five attributes do you believe are essential for a successful company leader?

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