MAH MBA CET Marks vs Percentile 2023- How to Calculate

MAH MBA CET is conducted in multiple sessions, and the scoring is based on marks. However, the final result is declared in percentiles. The MAH MBA CET 2023 was conducted in four sessions, and it is crucial for candidates appearing for the exam to comprehend the distinction between MBA CET score and MBA CET percentile in order to interpret their results accurately.

As the MBA CET 2023 was held in two sessions on two separate days, each session had a unique set of question papers. The variation in question papers across sessions can result in varying levels of difficulty, potentially affecting the scores of test takers compared to their counterparts. This discrepancy highlights the importance of understanding the nuances of MBA CET score and percentile, as it can impact the overall outcome for candidates.

MAH MBA CET Marks vs Percentile Calculation

Percentile scores are derived from the relative performance of all the candidates who take the examination. Essentially, the marks obtained are transformed into a scale ranging from 100 to 0 for each session of examinees.

The Percentile Score represents the percentage of candidates who have scored equal to or below a particular percentile in the examination. For instance, the highest scorer in each session will receive a desirable percentile of 100. Similarly, the marks obtained by candidates falling between the highest and lowest scores are also converted into appropriate percentiles.

To ensure accuracy and minimize ties, the Percentile Scores are calculated up to 7 decimal places. This precision helps avoid clustering effects and reduces the likelihood of multiple candidates sharing the same percentile.

The calculation of a candidate’s Percentile Score follows the following formula:

Below is an illustration provided by the State CET cell to explain the process of MBA CET percentile calculation. The table below assumes that the MAH CET exam was conducted over three days with single batches.

Note: The Percentile of the Total shall NOT be an aggregate or average of the Percentile of individual subject. Percentile score is not the same as percentage of marks obtained.

Example: Suppose a test was held in 4 sessions of examinees as per details given below: – (Allocation of Days and shifts were done randomly)

a) Distribution of candidates were as follows:

Session-1: Day-1 Batch 1-1, Session-2: Day-1 batch-2, Session-3: Day-2 Batch-1 and Session- 4: Day-2 Batch-2

  No. of CandidatesMarks
1D1 B1150224923991541
2D1 B2186227224581570
3D2 B1215221624311490
4D2 B2166225724231610

Calculation of MBA CET Percentile Score

Based on the data presented above, let’s calculate the MBA CET percentile score using the highest raw score in each session. The highest raw score in each session, regardless of the actual raw scores, will be considered as 100 percentile, indicating that 100 percent of candidates scored equal to or lower than the highest scorer in that session. The highest raw score will then be normalized to determine the MAH CET percentile using the following method:

In this method of scoring, the HIGHEST RAW SCORE in each paper (irrespective of the raw scores) will be the 100 Percentile indicating that 100% of candidates have scores equal to or lesser than the highest scorer/ topper for that session.

Highest Raw Score and Percentile Score: All the highest raw scores will have normalized Percentile Score of 100 for their respective session.

  SessionTotal candidates appearedHighest Raw ScoreCandidates who scored EQUAL OR LESS THAN Highest Raw Score  Percentile Score  Remarks
122491542249100.0000000 [(2249/2249)*100] 
     i.e. all the highest raw scores would be normalized to 100
222721572272100.0000000 [(2272/2272)*100]
     Percentile Score for their respective session.
322161492216100.0000000 [(2216/2216)*100]
422571612257100.0000000 [(2257/2257)*100] 

MAH MBA CET Marks vs Percentile Prediction

For your convenience, a table with anticipated MBA CET percentile vs marks 2023 is provided below. The MAH MBA CET 2023 result cumulative scorecard will include both scores and percentiles.


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